Nasreddin Hoca


Nasreddin Hodja is a philosopher, wise witty man with a good sense of humour. He lived from 1208-1284. He had also an important role, lighting of the Anatolian People in the 13 th century. He lives with an everlasting smile on his face, giving us the recipe for peace and happiness through his teachings and utterances. This public figure, who impressed the world with his proverbial jokes, is also a good educator. He observed and analyzed the environment in which he lived and the people he lived with. He was a good tempered, patient and easygoing man. Nasreddin Hodja is a now great legendary popularity. As a result of this, some countries claim that he lived amongy them.

The year 1996 was proclaimed Nasreddin Hoca year by UNESCO. He is known as with different names in the world. Arabs say "Cuha"; Greeks, "Hoja Nasreddin", Kazkhs "Koja Nasreddin", etc. He lived in Ak§ehir to study under notably scholars of the time as Seyyid Mahmud Hayrani and Seyyid Haci Ibrahim.